2011 found with it no major complaints and many blessings.

Spring and summer were filled with much family activity, even though most of our kin folk live on the wrong coast. In May, the four of us spent a week on Maui together at the Kea Lani, where we stayed about 17 years ago on our first trip to Hawaii. The weather was super, we had plenty of leisure time and activity time, and we parents were grateful for being able to spend a week with the girls.

We were graced again this past Thanksgiving having both girls home. Becky even rode (horses) with Dave and Dave returned the favor by biking with Becky. It was a good thing Becky remembered her CPR skills as they were close to needed at the end of an uphill trek where Dave seemed to forget that he is not 25 anymore!

One of Dave’s best friends from college visited in June, and July was highlighted by having the Siegel side of the family with us to help celebrate Dave’s dad’s 80th birthday. Both of Dave’s siblings and other family members were here. The group engaged in a variety of activities from golf, to horseback and cable car riding, hang glider observing, Giants baseball attending, and touring the Stanford campus.

Samantha finished her junior year at Occidental College last spring and returned to Castilleja camp as a third-year summer counselor. While her formal graduation is not until May, she effectively finished college this December. She will continue on Dance Team this spring and take one “mini-class” to get enough credits to graduate, thus saving us a big chunk of money. After being an RA for her sophomore and junior years, she continued the journey toward independence and moved off campus this year into a house, until a pipe burst and she became temporarily homeless. Over Thanksgiving, she and her housemates scrambled and found a really nice place nearby where she will finish out the year. She has an internship this spring and hopefully find a job before leaving Oxy.

Becky continues to work at her alma mater, Occidental, as a web site manager. She continues to bike at a maddening pace and has more bikes than Dave has pairs of shoes! On roads, mountain trails and other surfaces, Becky rides nearly every day and competes regularly. She continues to live in Pasadena with her boyfriend Nick. She has continued her educational pursuits in the programming arena through courses on-line and at UCLA.

Mona continues her work at Palo Alto High School in a technical support role for the school. She enjoys the campus life and the very short commute. She walks regularly and maintains her 10,000 steps per day regimen. She continues to enjoy her role as a mom and nursemaid to our 11 year old child, Shadow (the cat), who is very attached to her. Mona travelled to Florida for the annual weekend with her mother and sister.

Dave’s 2011 was just a little too action packed for his own good. In January he went down in a harness racing accident for the first time in his career. Luckily, he escaped uninjured. He was not quite as fortunate when in June one of his horses, Don’t Laugh At Me, stumbled refusing a jump, resulting in both equine and human falling. He ended up with a severely separated shoulder that required surgery. Recovery was quick, and he was back riding and driving just a few weeks later. He rides daily and drives horses at Cal-Expo frequently. He continues to enjoy his job at TrackMaster.

Happy holidays.

Mona, Dave, Becky and Samantha