• Mona and Dave at Emily's wedding in New York

  • Becky the fierce competitor

  • Samantha and Skipper take in the scenery

  • Dave wins his last amateur race during Jug week

  • Becky with cousins Scarlett and Vivi in Kansas City

  • We go together. . .

  • Mona calming Shadow

  • Dave with Becky and her cousin Jamie in New York

  • Samantha at Stagecoach in Indio

  • Becky and her cousin Scarlett at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City

  • Samantha, Mona and Dave in Boston for Jack's Bar Mitzvah

  • Skipper the Giants fan

  • Dave and Skipper in La La Land


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Another year brought with it a couple of residential moves, new jobs, and a World Championship.

Let’s go from youngest to oldest.  Attempting to set a record for moves for a civilian, Samantha uprooted for the 199th time since graduating college moving from a Sherman Oaks studio to a North Hollywood one-bedroom abode.  Skipper (Samantha’s dog) gave his seal of approval and is enjoying the additional square footage.  Samantha continues to work at Munchkin, which is a self-described developer of “clever, innovative products for babies and children that anticipate and serve parents’ needs by thinking of the little things.”  Sam has continued her athletic regimen playing kickball, flag football and softball in local Southern California leagues and was handsomely rewarded this year for her loyalty to the Orange and Black.  Samantha, Mona, Dave and Skipper are big Giants fans.

Clearly the family member undergoing the most change in 2014 was Becky.  First, she completed a Bachelor (her second) of Science degree in computer science in September, which she did part-time for about a year and a half, but left her job in late spring to complete the degree full-time.  Since then, she relocated back to the Bay Area (hiring “Dad’s Moving Services” for the undertaking) and has done some contract programming while searching for a full-time programming job.  She continues to ride avidly in a variety of biking disciplines racking up thousands and thousands of miles during the year.

Mona is in her second year of full-time employment in the guidance department of Palo Alto High School where she mostly troubleshoots software and maintains the school website.  She has also worked on a new family website, the product of which you are seeing with this greeting. In mid-January she will celebrate her one year anniversary without Facebook. She is still religious about her 12,000 steps per day exercise routine and spends much time calming our anxiety-ridden 14-year old feline, Shadow who continues to become more neurotic with each passing year.

Dave continues to enjoy his work at TrackMaster, but has expanded his professional horizons and has taken a second “job” as a harness driver.  Racing from October to May, he gave up is amateur status this fall and embarks every weekend to Cal-Expo in Sacramento to bring home a little more bacon.  He still rides his two horses stabled nearby home during the week so has a very strong equine bent to his life both for work and pleasure.

The family did not take a recreational vacation in 2014 but travelled east twice during the summer for Dave’s brother’s daughter’s wedding and Dave’s sister’s son’s Bar Mitzvah.  Dave went to Vegas a couple of times with friends during the year and Mona visited her brother in Kansas City and spent her Spring Break in Cancun with her sister and stepmother.  A major extended family trip to Maui is planned for July of 2015 to coincide with Mona’s and Dave’s 30th anniversary.

Happy Holidays.

Mona, Dave, Becky and Samantha