• Thanksgiving 2016, a rare occasion where we were all in the same place at the same time.

  • Although she lives in LA, Samantha is still a Giants fan.

  • Becky found a hollow tree on the ski slope.

  • After a nice floatplane ride in Ketchikan, Alaska.

  • Becky and Ben join the Star Wars craze for Halloween.

  • Skipper enjoying his first post-injury hike.

  • Cruising in Glacier Bay and picking up a hitchhiker.

  • The "mud beard" appears when Dave drives in races in the rain.

  • Becky, Dave, and Samantha enjoying a beautiful day at AT&T Park.

  • Skipper gets lots of attention when he visits.

  • Samantha with the Skipper quilt that Mona made for her.

  • Having fun skiing in Colorado.

  • Relaxing on Lake Tahoe.

  • When in Vermont. . . Visit the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory!

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2016 was a disappointing year. Disappointment occurs when expectations are not met. Basic math proves 2016 is divisible by two, making it an even year. The Giants were supposed to win the World Series this year. They did not. Damn!

However, as disappointing as that was, we are hopeful that 2017 brings on a new pattern of “odd-ity” and we are back at the big dance come October. However, there were plenty of offsets to the boys losing that still “salvaged” the year.

Let’s open up this New Year’s update with Becky. Becky moved back to the Bay a couple of years ago and worked for Groupon in San Francisco where she also resided. During the year, she took a new programming job with Google, also in the City. When she shared some of the perks with Dave, he really thought she had accidentally been reading from a Club Med brochure, and not a place of employment. In the world HE knows, he has to pay for dinners and massages and financial planning advice. In this new world, they pay you to get those things. What a country!

Last year, we reported on the attack on Samantha’s dog Skipper by a pit bull. He has had a remarkable recovery post spinal surgery and is one of the happiest pooches you will ever meet. While Samantha successfully sued the low life that owned the pit bull and is still pursuing what the court awarded, her chance of any financial recovery is very low (the bum has no assets). The most important thing is that both daughter and dog are doing great. Samantha continues to live in North Hollywood and work at Munchkin (infant and toddler products) and is heavily involved in the LA outdoor adult sports scene with flag football and kickball. Recently she played against LA Dodger 3rd baseman Justin Turner and defeated his team. Buster Posey called her and thanked her for that! (Turner, true; Posey, just kidding.)

Mona had another unexpected trip to the hospital in 2016, four days with an abdominal obstruction - treated, released and everything is fine. She continues her work at Palo Alto High School as a technology specialist. This year, we celebrated our 31st anniversary in July on an Alaskan cruise (our third) with Tim and Una Higgins. Tim and Dave have been friends for over 40 years. We also spent some time at Hyatt time shares in Sedona in April and Lake Tahoe in August, really enjoying the western US. Mona also visited family in Florida and Kansas City and spent some of her spare time making quilts.

Dave has been extra busy this year with his harness racing passion. After being elected to the California Harness Horsemen’s Association board, he has taken on some local issues to improve things for the horsemen and racing overall, and has had some success and feels the situation here is much better than just 12 months ago. He loves driving in races and actually getting paid to do so, and should get to the 500 win milestone in 2017. He continues to enjoy his work at TrackMaster and Equibase and in particular is exciting about Equibase’s foray into using GPS for the tracking of horses for actual races and other applications.

We wish everyone a very joyous and prosperous 2017.

Mona, Dave, Becky and Samantha