• All of us in Boston in June 2017

  • Becky and Dave at Google Take Your Parents to Work Day

  • Samantha and a beautiful Maui sunset.

  • Becky and Ben spend time with Emily's son Noah in June.

  • Samantha and one of her flag football team trophies.

  • Mona and Dave with Google's Oreo at Take Your Parents to Work Day.

  • Becky and Ben

  • Bay Area sports fans.

  • Happy New Year from Becky and Ben

  • Dave and Samantha watched the 49ers win!

  • Becky and Ben at Mattie's Bar Mitzvah

  • Samantha hiking along the coast in Maui.

  • Beautiful day at AT&T Park

  • A first - Dave went ziplining in Maui!

  • Dave won his 500th race in December.

  • Wastin Time and Don't Laugh at Me have each other's backs.

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Perhaps one of the best things about 2017 to report is that there were no bad things to report, perhaps with the exception of a certain ceremony that took place in January in Washington, DC. But we will leave that for another day.

More travel than usual was the theme of the year for us. We all attended Dave’s sister’s son’s Bar Mitzvah outside of Boston in June, and while there we got to meet Becky’s boyfriend Ben’s family and catch up with our family and friends. In July, Mona, Dave and Samantha spent a week in one of their favorite places, Maui. The family festivities continued in October outside of New York City with the wedding of Mona’s sister’s daughter, Jamie. Everything was beautiful and we even got to squeeze in a day trip to The City and visited the new Freedom Tower and its surroundings, always a very emotional experience thinking back to the awful day in 2001.

Becky moved to a new apartment, still in San Francisco, with Ben in March. Dave helped out with a few “handyman” type of projects.  Nice to know he is still needed (a little). Ben switched jobs and is now employed by Facebook in Menlo Park, close to Palo Alto.  Becky is doing very well at Google (in San Francisco) and really enjoys the work. Her getting a second degree in computer science a few years back was a greatly positive life-altering decision. As much as they enjoy living in San Francisco, we hope that with the potential of shifting her job to Mountain View, a desire for a dog, and shorter commutes will result in her one day moving closer to home. But for now, it sure beats having her in the LA area. Oh yeah, Becky turned 30 this past August – so hard for Mona and Dave to believe!

Speaking of Los Angeles, Samantha continues to live in North Hollywood and work at Munchkin in Van Nuys. She and her dog Skipper are doing great, though the scoundrel whose pit bull attacked Skip has not paid a dime. Don’t get us started! Dave had a chance to visit with her during the year and watch one of her many, many flag football games.

Mona continues to work at Palo Alto High School as its academic technology specialist, and while she enjoys the work, looks forward to retiring in the next few years and having the ability travel a bit more. She continues to travel to Kansas City twice each year to visit with her brother Jason and his wife and three daughters, often with her sister Caryl who flies in from Florida.

Dave’s work at TrackMaster has him more focused on projects for its parent company, Equibase, and in particular new technology using GPS for the tracking of horses during races. He continues riding his horses here at home and has a terrific group of lessees. He continues to own and drive harness horses at Cal-Expo.  Dave reached a major milestone this year getting his 500th win.

Dave is very much looking forward to attending the 2018 San Francisco Giants fantasy camp in Scottsdale, Arizona in January with his childhood friend Tim Higgins. He will get to pretend he is a major league baseball player for a week and mingle with Giants players and coaches and play in a number of games at the Giants spring training facility. He and a group of friends are also planning a long weekend in Las Vegas in May celebrating the group’s turning 60 during 2018. I am sure we will report on these events in the 2018 edition of our New Year’s update.

We wish everyone a very joyous and prosperous 2018.

Mona, Dave, Becky and Samantha